A Guide To Reselling Your Clothing Online

Fashion is fickle. I do my best to buy pieces that I will love for years and years but sometimes a piece just doesn’t work out and I’ve found that it’s best to send it on its way sooner rather than later so you can recoup the most money and to give it a chance to be loved by someone else instead of taking up space in your closet.

I worked in fashion consignment at the RealReal for a number of years and I’m always reevaluating my own closet and in the process I’ve slowly mastered the ins and outs of online clothing resale. Here’s a handy flowchart to start you off. I’ll go into the details for each platform below.


If you are more rich in time than money: The DIY route involves significantly more work because you have to photograph, accurately describe, field questions and ship each item yourself, but your extra work is usually rewarded in extra profit. I recommend listing yourself only if you’re currently more rich in time than money, otherwise skip ahead to the places that will do the legwork for you.

eBay is the granddaddy of online resale and my go-to for pieces I think are worth the effort to list myself. I usually use the fixed price option and allow best offers, but you can also choose the auction option. You get to keep about 90% of the selling price, PayPal keeps an additional 3% of the selling price and you either have to pay for shipping yourself (factor it into your list price). Pro tip: Culty brands like Everlane & Doen sell really fast and can be priced pretty close to retail.

Poshmark allows you to sell women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, shoes & accessories. Users can follow you and browse your virtual closet. The listing process is quick and can completed from their app. When your item sells, Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label. Fees range from $2.95 for items that sell for less than $15 to 20% for items that sell for $15+.

Tradesy allows you to sell women’s brand name clothing, shoes, accessories & wedding. The listing process is very similar to Poshmark including the ability to list through the app. When an item sells, Tradesy offers the following payment options: store credit, PayPal Cash, Prepaid Debit Card or Bank Direct Deposit. Tradesy store credit is the highest paying option. Tradesy keeps 19.8% in commission.

Noihsaf Bazaar is one of the original Instagram buy/sell accounts trading in mostly indie labels. Listing pieces to sell costs $2.80. Also check out the off shoots: Noihsaf Kiddos, Noihsaf Vintage, Noihsaf Ace & Jig & Noihsaf Home.

If your scarcest resource is time:

ThredUp accepts women’s and children’s clothing, shoes & accessories. This is a great option for more contemporary brand name pieces that the RealReal does not accept. You can request a “Clean Out” bag to ship your clothing for free. When ThredUP receives your bag, you will get paid between 5-80% of the anticipated resale value per item (the more valuable the item the higher the percent). Use the online “Payout Estimator” to get an idea of how much you will make. Get paid out in ThredUP shopping credit, VISA Prepaid card, or cash out on PayPal.

The RealReal sells women’s, men’s & kid’s high-end designer clothing, shoes, accessories/handbags & jewelry. This is the best choice for higher end and luxury brands. You can mail your items using their prepaid envelope or schedule a free in-home pickup. All items are priced to sell within 30 days and the choicest items often sell much faster. After about a month, The RealReal automatically lowers the price to attract buyers. Items are sold on consignment, so once your item sells, you get paid 50-70% of the sale price depending on your net sales. Higher commissions are available for some luxury bags and watches.

Material World is worth checking out for their instant payment in the form of cash or site credit for an extra 10%.

Rebag is exclusively for selling handbags. You receive an offer after sending in a few photos, get free shipping for accepted offers or home pickup if you live in Manhattan and then you are paid the full offer price once Rebag receives your bag.