Article Roundup


There has been a lot of great media coverage lately on decluttering and the psychological effects of clutter. It’s January and the Marie Kondo Netflix show is trending so this is to be expected, but I’m always happy to see more interest in the subject. Here are a few of my favorite articles:

The link between clutter and stress and the outsize impact it has on women. I’ve been thinking about this a lot after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and seeing the cringe-inducing gender stereotypes it uncovers. The show’s subtle message that household management should be shared by everyone living in the home is an important one.

Conscientiousness, clutter and financial health. Getting used to being happier living with fewer things really can dampen the desire to spend money on acquiring more stuff. Even your wallet will feel the benefits of decluttering.

More on household management and gender. ‘For me, paring belongings down to the essentials and keeping them organized is the best way I know how to appreciate and enjoy and properly care for the things I own (to say nothing of the planet). But it’s also the best tool I have for making sure that the labor that goes into running our home is shared by everyone living in it.’

Another great article about how we, as Americans, have been taught how to buy things, but not how to care for the things we buy and how this “mental load” falls primarily on women.

A great explanation of what professional organizers really do, why you might need one and tips on how to find one.