15 Classic Home Goods to Hold on to for Life

Trends may come and go, but my goal when buying a new item for my apartment is always to choose something well-constructed that I will want to use for a long time and maybe even my whole life. A few ways I’ve learned to increase the chances of this happening are to stick with low-tech home goods made of natural materials in neutral colors and classic shapes. And research, research, research. Wirecutter is a great source where I found a number of my favorite things. Without further ado, here they are.

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Salt Chair

I have two of these at my dining room table, but they could work as a desk or side chair as well. I love the modern take on Shaker furniture and the black adds some moodiness. You can always add more chairs to your collection as your needs change.

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Dot Side Table

This sturdy little stool serves triple duty as a coffee table, side table or extra place for guests to sit. Made from acacia wood, it feels at home with a variety of home decor styles and is perfect for small spaces.

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Teakhaus Cutting Board

A big, non-wobbly surface to do your food prep on goes a long way towards improving a rental kitchen. This is one you will use every day.

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Duralex Picardie Glasses

These classic French glasses are near impossible to break. The smaller size is great for wine or even whiskey and the larger size is perfect for water. These are the only glasses I own.

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Wustof Chef’s Knife

A quality chef’s knife is a top contender for an item you will own for a lifetime and use for pretty much every meal you prepare to boot.

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Kai Scissors

These Japanese designed scissors make everyday cutting and snipping a pleasure.

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Lodge Skillet

I’ve had my cast-iron skillet since college and it is the pan I reach for most. A quick coating of coconut oil and cleaning without using soap keep it in top condition.

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All-Clad Saucepan

A classic if ever there was one. Great for cooking grains and reheating leftovers.

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Milo Dutch Oven

This new direct to consumer brand makes Dutch ovens that stand up to the big name French brands at a fraction of the price. Indispensable for cooking pasta, beans and popcorn.

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Peugeot Pepper Mill

A turned wood beauty to admire on your table nightly.

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Chemex Coffee Dripper

I got this as a Christmas gift last year and my morning cup has been much improved. The beautiful design helps too (it’s even part of MoMA’s permanent collection).

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East Fork Bowls

This Asheville based ceramics company makes beautiful pieces. The smaller two bowls are perfect for olives and pits.

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Falcon Mugs

Feel like you’re camping every day with these enamelware mugs in subtle shades. I like to eat ice cream out of mine.

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Faribault Wool Blanket

I’ve taken an anti-duvet stance (too hot and too much of a hassle to clean) and just use this wool blanket in the winter instead. Simple and toasty.

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Braun Alarm Clock

I remember this Dieter Rams icon from my parents’ nightstand and it still holds up. I got mine in an effort to keep my phone out of the bedroom.