'“As a new mom getting ready to go back to work after maternity leave, I wanted to be more organized around the house. Claire came up with tasteful & practical ways for us to be more organized by utilizing storage solutions we already had as well as suggestions for a few things to buy. Having her take the lead definitely made the the overwhelming project much more manageable!” 


“Ms. DeBoer brought peace and harmony to a chaotic situation that I found myself in a while back. Instead of being overwhelmed and stuck by the myriad of choices and details, Claire offered expertise and guidance through a mid-life transition that has lightened and brightened my environment, and my outlook.”


“Claire was amazing in helping me purge and re-organize my closet. Living in a small NY apartment, every inch of space matters and Claire understood that. By the end of our session, we had purged 4 bags worth of clothes and accessories. After the purge, Claire re-organized my closet which has made it much easier and faster to find things when getting ready in a rush. My closet now feels organized and fresh.”